Crosslinx Methodology

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Via publications, our website and social media we will make Crosslinx related information and developments available to interested parties but our consultancy & training  program is exclusively distributed via our accredited Consultancy and Training partners.

The choice for accreditation is made because a successful Crosslinx training or consultancy path requires not only in-depth knowledge of the methodology but also relevant real-world experience.  When professionals or organizations pay for a Crosslinx training or consultancy assignment we want it to be a good investment.

Through our accreditation program we are want to establish a network of likeminded partners that share our passion to help professionals and organizations become better at Strategy execution. The Crosslinx accreditation program serves three objectives:

  • To ensure that the training and consultancy programs under the Crosslinx label deliver the value add and quality that clients expect;
  • To bring together partners that together are better positioned to serve the requirements of their clients;
  • To encourage publications and the introduction of tools that contribute to better Strategy execution in organizations.

We look for Training and Consultancy organizations that share our beliefs to become Crosslinx accredited partners.

The Crosslinx accreditation process distinguishes between the organization and the individual professionals that will deliver the training programs or the consultancy assignment to clients. Each accreditation path will consist of the following steps:

  • Intake to get acquainted and align the mutual expectations with regard to the accreditation process and the Crosslinx Partner program;
  • Assessment of the organization and its staff. This is split between a remote and an on-site assessment;
  • Certification plan that details what needs to be accomplished in order to become an accredited Crosslinx Partner.

Following a successful accreditation process an organization will be an accredited Crosslinx Partner and will join the Crosslinx community. Each accredited Crosslinx Partner will enjoy benefits (for example, access to training material, updates, tools and so on) but is also obliged to invest time and effort to maintain the required level and to deliver contributions to the Crosslinx community.

If you are interested in learning more about the Crosslinx Partner program and becoming an accredited Crosslinx partner; please don’t hesitate to contact us.