Regardless of the situation within an organization, whether it be a new Strategy that needs to be implemented or a Strategy implementation that has stalled, the Crosslinx methodology can support any organization with every aspect of Strategy execution.

Crosslinx consultants are trained to work hands-on alongside their client to get an organization to make the right decisions and take the required actions to achieve the required results during Strategy execution.

Our Consultancy partners and their staff have been accredited based not only on their ability to apply a methodology but also upon their knowledge and experience with Strategy execution. It is the decision of the Consultancy partner if and how to apply (components of) the Crosslinx methodology during a client engagement. This approach requires Consultancy partners that do not just apply a methodology but truly adjust their approach to each client situation.

Crosslinx Methodology

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Crosslinx has developed an accreditation process for Consultancy partners and their staff that underscores this principle:

The Consultancy Partner is responsible for the ongoing education of their team and for the end result of each client engagement. When the Crosslinx methodology is used during a client engagement at least one of the lead consultants on the project needs to be accredited as a Crosslinx Consultant.

The Crosslinx Consultant accreditation is granted to consultants who have:

  • Proven industry experience and up-to-date knowledge in one or more industry segments;
  • Two or more years’ experience with Strategy execution in a (project) management role, including sound financial and analytical background plus business process re-engineering skills;
  • Successfully completed the Crosslinx foundation course and at least one other Industry leading Best Practice (e.g. PRINCE2, MSP, Agile, Scrum, APMP, PMP);
  • Attended the Crosslinx Consultancy Training program with success;
  • Delivered a significant contribution to two Crosslinx projects with a positive evaluation from the Client and Crosslinx;
  • Passed Crosslinx consultant intake for good behavior;
  • Signed the Crosslinx Code of Conduct;

The Crosslinx Representative accreditation is granted to consultants that have:

  • Less than two years’ experience with Strategy execution in a (project) management role;
  • Successfully completed the Crosslinx foundation course and at least one other Industry leading Best Practice (e.g. PRINCE2, MSP, Agile, Scrum, APMP, PMP);
  • Passed Crosslinx representative intake for good behavior;
  • Signed the Crosslinx Code of Conduct.

Last but not least, Crosslinx is of the opinion that a consultancy engagement is successful not only when the agreed results have been achieved but also the Strategy execution capability of the client has improved. Crosslinx consultants are therefore encouraged to share their skills and knowledge with their clients and staff. We expect Crosslinx engagements to leave a lasting contribution to a client organization.

Listed below are our accredited Consultancy partners and their specific areas of expertise: please visit their websites for more information.

CUPE International is a global specialist PPM and change management consultancy and training company. We help organisations to deliver their changes better, quicker and more efficiently.

Crosslinx is the method which links BAU with changes to deliver strategy and so improve company prospects. CUPE International has been helping organizations to develop and implement PPM performance improvement through bespoke and tailored PPM methods, PMOs and supporting services for 15 years in conjunction with our local partners across the world.

CUPE international has actively contributed to the development of the Crosslinx methodology and is the first Training organization to be accredited for the Crosslinx methodology.

You are running your organization and you want more: aim for new markets, gain more turnover or chase new vistas. But how are you going to accomplish that?

The experienced Elzas professionals have done this already many times and they will help you to turn your Strategy into daily practice. They can help you through the many aspects of your Strategy execution and make you move forward with confidence. You will see that your Strategy works!

Our Crosslinx consultants will build effective teams and will enthusiastically transfer their skills, leaving your staff with improved capability to address future Strategy improvements and making essential decisions. Our aim is to ensure that the ‘Strategy Effect’ continues to benefit you long after our assignment has ended.

Elzas Consultancy is the first consultancy organization worldwide to be accredited for the Crosslinx methodology.