Crosslinx Training program

A Crosslinx training program has been developed for professionals and organizations to learn how they can become successful in Strategy execution. Crosslinx accredited training organizations deliver this training program to maintain the quality of the program.

Our Training partners offer these skills via classroom training, in-company events or bespoke programs tailored to specific requirements of their clients.

The heart of the training program is the Crosslinx foundation course: a classroom training event including examination and certification. Each of our Training partners offer the Crosslinx foundation course in a classroom setting since this is the optimal approach to getting introduced to the Crosslinx methodology. Participants are required to study the Crosslinx Practitioners guide in advance and during the course, delegates will work though case studies, share experiences and learn from exercises as a group that will complement the Crosslinx theory.

Crosslinx Methodology

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After the Crosslinx foundation course the participants will have an understanding of the Crosslinx Methodology and be able to explain Crosslinx to others: what it does, how it works and what are the key characteristics plus what the benefits are.  Delegates will also have the confidence and be comfortable to work in a Crosslinx environment.

As well as the Crosslinx foundation course our Training partners are allowed (and encouraged) to develop courses and programs that combine Crosslinx with their specific areas of expertise and to tailor the theory to the specific requirements of their clients. The Crosslinx methodology acts as the foundation for these courses and programs but tailoring will enhance the value for clients and that is the added value that our accredited Training partners deliver.

Listed below is our first accredited Training partner, more accredited Training partners will follow.  Please visit their website for more information and enquiries about upcoming Crosslinx training courses.

CUPE International is a global specialist PPM and change management consultancy and training company. We help organisations to deliver their changes better, quicker and more efficiently.

Crosslinx is the method which links BAU with changes to deliver strategy and so improve company prospects. CUPE International has been helping organizations to develop and implement PPM performance improvement through bespoke and tailored PPM methods, PMOs and supporting services for 15 years in conjunction with our local partners across the world.

CUPE international has actively contributed to the development of the Crosslinx methodology and is the first Training organization to be accredited for the Crosslinx methodology.